Risk Management University

Risk Management University is designed specifically to address the insurance and risk management needs of higher education. Through both on-line and classroom courses and extensive reference material we have created a learning environment that fosters ownership and accountability throughout the entire campus.

Join us and learn how you can reduce losses, improve efficiency and elevate your institution’s risk profile.

  • The Well-Planned Event:

    Move-in day, a concert, or graduation may be routine events but they come with risk exposures.

    There are benefits to hosting events and they’re fun but there are also risks. Learn pitfalls to avoid, and key best practices and risk management considerations to plan a safe and successful event

  • Understanding Property Certificates of Insurance:

    Don’t file away that property certificate of insurance just yet! A hasty review is not sufficient.

    This third course in the series on certificates of insurance outlines how to read and review a property certificate of insurance and identifies common issues involving certificates from vendors.

  • Entertainment Contracts – Ins and Outs:

    No brown M&M’s? Urban legend or a real contract requirement?

    The power of event contracts is in the details. Know what contract clauses to watch for and what to include to protect your institution’s reputation and the safety of event participants.

  • Managing Effective Institution Policies:

    Hundreds of policies. Where do I start? Is this one current? What does this really mean?

    This course outlines the elements of a good policy, best practices in policy administration and some common pitfalls to avoid.

  • Fundamentals of Automobile Insurance:

    Should employees drive on institution business? If they are in an accident, whose insurance pays?

    Do you know when your personal insurance covers you and when the institution’s auto coverage is primary? Knowing the distinction can make a big difference in what you do.

  • Fundamentals of Certificates of Insurance:

    Translating the insurance terms on a certificate can feel like decoding hieroglyphics.

    This first course in the certificates of insurance series addresses: What is a certificate of insurance? Why do I want a certificate? What to do with it? Included are tips on reviewing certificates.

  • Understanding Liability Certificates of Insurance:

    Inadequate insurance could end up costing your institution big, both in dollars and reputation.

    This is the second course in the series on certificates of insurance and it provides a useful analysis of how to read and review a liability certificate of insurance and identify potential pitfalls.

  • Managing Volunteer Programs:

    For all the good work volunteers do, they can create liability.

    Learn how having a formal review process and risk management guidelines for volunteer activities can help to ensure your volunteer mission is a success.

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