The Chief Financial Officer can be an agent of change in fostering sustainable change and measureable results.

Risk Management University Charter

We believe that the underpinning of change and the ability to meet many of the challenges confronting institutions of higher education rely on the integration of risk management and strategic planning. Managers can be empowered through knowledge and resources to foster a campus which is safe, efficient, and more responsive to both internal and external challenges. This is accomplished both through their own efforts and their ability to lead others. We also believe in the collaborative nature of membership in EIIA, in which everyone has something to learn and something to teach.

Our goal therefore is to deliver risk management educational courses and resources in a holistic manner, which includes:

  • Classroom courses for senior business officers, focusing on strategic risk management issues and tools for measuring and reporting on risk management performance;
  • On-line courses for line managers on the fundamentals of insurance, claims and basic risk management issues within their purview; and
  • A library of documents residing on the EIIA website which are tied to specific courses and/or risk management issues.

There are two overarching themes informing the design of Risk Management University. The first is recognition of the constantly growing burden of administrative and legal regulations imposed upon higher education. Coupled with this is the steadily more rigorous standards of accountability for the institution’s assets and the welfare of the students, faculty and staff. Knowledge of the issues and available resources promotes a more robust risk management perspective throughout the entire campus.

The second overarching theme is the financial challenges facing higher education. A focused risk management program can reduce the long term cost of risk and contribute substantially to an institution’s ability to meet its strategic plan.